SMuFL 1.0 and Bravura 1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the first stable public release of SMuFL, version 1.0. This follows the uneventful release of version 0.99 just over two weeks ago.

There have been only very small material changes made since release candidate version 0.99, which you can read about in the version history. You can browse the complete repertoire of glyphs, or download the specification and accompanying JSON metadata.

Accompanying the release of SMuFL 1.0 is a new release of the Bravura font family, also now at version 1.0, which you can download here.

Now that SMuFL has reached version 1.0, the code points and names of glyphs already included in the standard will no longer change in future revisions, providing a stable base upon which software developers and font designers may build.

Development of SMuFL will continue beyond version 1.0, as dictated by the needs of its community. If you have any requests for changes or additions to future versions of SMuFL, please make your proposal to the community via the smufl-discuss mailing list.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the development of SMuFL to this point, and we look forward to seeing how it is used by software and font designers in future. If you are working on an interesting project that uses either SMuFL or Bravura, please let us know.

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