SMuFL 0.5 and Bravura 0.2 released

Since the initial public releases of both SMuFL and Bravura at the Music Encoding Conference in Mainz at the end of May, a community of application developers, font designers and music engravers has burgeoned around the proposed standard, and there has been a great deal of very valuable discussion about what glyphs the standard should contain, how they should be organised, and what technical requirements should exist for fonts to be SMuFL-compliant.

In order to foster further discussion and as a waypoint in the development of the standard, Steinberg is today releasing SMuFL 0.5, together with Bravura 0.2, an updated version of the Bravura font that is compliant with SMuFL 0.5.

Thanks to the contributions of many members of the community too numerous to name here, SMuFL 0.5 has almost doubled in size in comparison to SMuFL 0.4, with the addition of more than 600 new glyphs and a number of new ranges. SMuFL 0.5 also includes an interim set of guidelines for font metrics and glyph registration for fonts intended for use in scoring applications, which should at this stage be considered work in progress and a starting point for further discussion.

SMuFL 0.5 can be downloaded here, and Bravura 0.2 can be downloaded here.

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