SMuFL 0.6 and Bravura 0.3 released

Following on the release of SMuFL 0.5 and Bravura 0.2 at the beginning of July, we are pleased to announce the release of the next revision to the SMuFL standard, version 0.6, and a version of Bravura that is compliant with the new revision, version 0.3.

One of the key developments over the past few weeks has been discussion about guidelines for font metrics and standardised glyph registration for fonts intended for use in scoring applications. SMuFL 0.6 includes the latest version of these guidelines, with particular thanks to Joe Berkovitz and Emil Wojtacki for their detailed input into their development. Bravura 0.3 has been updated to match the new guidelines for glyph registration, and can be examined as a reference implementation.

The other most significant change to SMuFL has been a reorganisation of the glyphs representing ornaments. The former single range called ‘Ornaments’ has now been divided into four ranges (for common ornaments, less common ornaments, combining strokes for trills and mordents, and a range of precomposed trills and mordents using the strokes defined in the preceding range).

In reflection of the fact that it is impractical to define a canonical interpretation for each of the symbols used as ornaments in music of the 17th and 18th centuries, the descriptions in SMuFL for those beyond the ornaments generally considered standard and well-understood tend towards their visual attributes rather than their musical meaning; for example, a glyph that was described as a “forefall” in SMuFL 0.5 is now described as “double oblique straight lines, SW–NE” in SMuFL 0.6.

A small number of glyphs that were included in SMuFL 0.5 by virtue of having been included in the Opus font family (the default font family that ships with Sibelius) have been removed from SMuFL 0.6, in order that SMuFL might more closely map the symbols and strokes catalogued by Frederick Neumann in his authoritative book on baroque ornamentation.

For a complete list of the changes and additions in SMuFL 0.6, please consult the version history.

SMuFL 0.6 can be downloaded here, and Bravura 0.3 can be downloaded here.

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